Seattle Highlands History

In 1907 the famed Olmsted Brothers cut the ribbon on one of their most ambitious design projects to date, a community of homes meant to be as integrated with their natural woodland surroundings as the residents were with each other.  Homes would rest surrounded by trees and connected by a scenic road system.  The Highlands, as it was called, was placed on a hill overlooking the Puget Sound, so that a homeowner could take in the beauty of the forest and the sound with a single glance.  It was to be a place, upon entrance, where the noise and bustle of the city became a distant memory.

The Highlands of today still embodies the Olmsted Brothers' vision.  The neighborhood is a hidden gem within the greater Puget Sound region.  The community feel is sustained by walking trails, play fields, tennis courts, a pool and wading pool with bathhouses, a preschool, chapel, and private access to a nearby secluded beach.  Members collaborate in committees to oversee every aspect of the premises and operations, including annual community events and holiday celebrations.  At the same time, the privacy and peace of members is fully respected and protected. 

There are 107 homes, and after living here a year you’ll probably have spent time in at least half of them. We take pride and enjoy our diversity and eccentricities that is why, over the years, many owners who have sold their homes continue to be greeted back to our parties, events, and living rooms as the lifetime friends they’ve always been.
— Seattle Highlands